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Contest rules Mercabarna Enfoca – Competition for professionals 



Get a deep, reasoned, reasoned and positive outlook about, people’s lives, facilities and values of Mercabarna.

  • Economic engine for Barcelona, Catalonia and SpainEmployment Pole: more than 700 companies employing 7,500 direct employees
  • Trading channel of agriculture, fisheries and livestock proximity
  • Revitalizing trade and local restoration
  • Impeller of competitivity and business innovation
  • Leadership in fresh food in the Mediterranean and strategic door for entry of food from Catalonia, Spain, the Mediterranean area and southern hemisphere countries, bound for the rest of the world
  • International leadership in food management platforms

Guarantees health for the citizens of Catalonia

  • Big concentration of companies of fresh produce, ensuring the best value / price of food
  • Maximum supply and variety of fresh produce (10,000 products)
  • Food safety
  • High level of specialization and professional qualification
  • Promotes the Mediterranean diet
  • Children campaigns promoter for healthy diets

Guarantees social values

  • Fights against food wastage
  • Promotes healthy eating habits among children, especially
  • Respectful with the environment
  • Promotes employment



1 – Any professional photojournalist or documentary photographer, over 18, regardless of nationality may participate.

2 – Only photojournalistic or documentary works will be accepted with those limitations that this photographic discipline allows, so those who do not match this important and essential requirement will be disqualified immediately.

3 – The organization has the right to request the RAW format images to verify the requirements described in point 2, so it is recommended to shoot in this format and edit afterwards.

4 – The author is responsible for all liabilities arising from potential claims by third parties, relative and not limited to intellectual property rights and image rights on pictures and / or claims made by the protagonists subject of the report, whether natural or legal persons , exonerating the organization and the people who make it from any kind of liability for it.

5 – Photographers who submit  will retain the copyright of their images. However, Mercabarna keeps the option to use those images to promote competition in networks described in the following points.


a – For the purposes of public communication of the winning stories, including making them available on the Internet, the winning authors will transfer the operating rights for promotional use related to the prize awarded by Mercabarna (maximum of 4 photos belonging to the winning reportage) free and non-exclusive regime for the whole world territory for an unlimited duration.

b – The author awarded with the Mercabarna Enfoca Award gives up his /her image, including voice and name to Mercabarna (never copyright and always with the obligation to be credited in any communication), and the organization of Documenta Photo to be used and incorporated in any format, for all the world’s territory, for an unlimited period. To this end, the award-winning author, Mercabarna and the organization of Documenta Photo will sign the relevant contract.

c – The author will keep Mercabarna and the organization of Documenta Photo harmless of any kind of liability for the dissemination of the winning work and, particularly, but not limited to, intellectual property and image rights of any third party.




Both registration prior to authorized participation and the presentation of the work will be done in digital format through the form done on the website:

To access Mercabarna facilities, professionals must register through the free registration form. Once registered and authorized, the organisation will communicate to the participant the dates available to enter the place to shoot. The dates are flexible and always try to meet the needs of the author. This measure is taken for safety and to avoid a high a number of photographers on the same day within facilities of Mercabarna.



Once passed the outside area access and upon confirmed authorization for the day to show up, the photographer can leave his/her car in the parking area free of charge.

The photographer is meant to reach the control center which will provide a bib and the corresponding personal accreditation.



One only photographic series or story, consisting of maximum 15 images and 10 minimum will be allowed per participant, The work will be submitted as digital files in jpg or jpeg format at 1,500 pixels the longest side and a maximum weight of 1.5 Mb per file image. No project will be accepted on video format or other format (pdf, tiff, ppt) not described in these rules.



April 26, 2016: Announcement of the call and opening of the registration period during the Food Fair

June 15, 2016: Closing date for registration.

June 24, 2016: Deadline for submission of projects.

1 July 2016: Communication of 10 finalists during the period between July 2 and July 12 on our social media networks and web with one of the images presented and author credit

July 15, 2016: The winner of the Mercabarna Enfoca professional contest will be communicated at a public event, and the presence of the winner, or an authorized representative, is a must.



The jury will value:

Quality, solidity and coherence of the proposal

Positive effects of Mercabarna in society and the citizen’s

Ability to transmit values of Mercabarna



The jury will be composed of two recognized members of the national Spanish photography and members of the Documenta Photo Association, Photon Festival organizers and coordinators of professional award Mercabarna Enfoca:


David Airob, member of the professional jury, photojournalist for the newspaper La Vanguardia of which he was photo editor in chief between 2007 and 2010. World Press Photo Multimedia Award 2014.

Chema Conesa, member of the professional jury, photographer. He was chief photographer for the Sunday supplement of El Pais and El Mundo. 2010 Bartolomé Ros Award for his career and in 2012 photography prize of the Community of Madrid. It has been jury of the Spanish National Prize of Photography and the World Press Photo among others

Tania Castro, director of Photon Festival. Founder of Documenta Photo association, organizer of the festival and coordinator of Mercabarna Enfoca award. She worked for 16 years as part of the graphic team of El País and is curator of exhibitions and photography books. She has been jury of the Scholarship Award Fotogràfic Forum Espai Can Basté.



The Jury will award a single prize of 6000 €, which will be added the corresponding fiscal taxes.

An itinerant exhibition of the winning project and a selection of the finalists will be done done.

The awards ceremony will take place during an event to be held on July 15th, location to be determined, and will be mandatory presence of the winner, or an authorized person instead.



Participation in professional prize Mercabarna Enfoca requires the acceptance of the rules that govern and are exposed publicly in this call. For any questions or clarifications about them, contact the organization via email

Photographer guarantees that owns the rights to the material presented to the call and is fully responsible for claims that at any time could be made on the authorship and originality of the work and the ownership rights over them. He / she is also responsible for permits image rights of the people portrayed.

The photographer guarantees that he / she will not make commercial or unauthorized use other than the object of the competition of the images made under accreditation for the Mercabarna Enfoca competition.

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