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With the photo competition for Instagramers want to show through the new technology of photography in social networks Mercabarna values, a close, vital, active and human market.

The intention is to obtain a fresh, immediate, close and intuitive vision of the daily activity of a market that will not stop during 24h.

Photographers selected will have the opportunity to spend a few hours in one of the busiest markets in the Spanish national scene.

A unique opportunity for participants to live the experience and show it through their mobile phones.




The ability to show positively the #ExperienciaMercabarna

Show life, people, the vitality of one of the largest markets in Europe. Fresh produce, variety of vegetables and domestic and exotic fruits. His great logistical capacity. That big market that never sleeps to feed an entire city.


The jury will be composed of:

  • Josep Tejedo, Director General of Mercabarna
  • Irina Gonzalez: Responsible for IgersBCN
  • EfedePhoto: collective of photographers interested in documentary photography created with the intention to carry out individual and collective projects, being platform to promote projects, while seeking synergies with other groups to develop ideas within the photographic scene.



Instagram contest Mercabarna has two prizes of € 1000 each, the two best photographic series.

The two winning series will become part of the photographic archive of Mercabarna, with capacity for commercial and advertising purposes.




  1. You must be +18 years old.
  2. You must follow our account Instragram
  3. You must have an account with Instagram
  4. The maximum total number of selected participants will be 100, 25 per call, 4 calls will be made in total. The order of participation of the different calls will be made by order of registration.
  5. Calls have specific dates and times.
  6. Once enrolled you will receive an e-mail confirming the correct reception of your data to form part of the selection process of the 100 participants elected. If you are selected, as a result you will receive an email indicating what date is that you can attend.
  7. The authors declare that they are the masterminds of the photographs hanging on their instagram account and are responsible for claims by third parties




Each selected participant will present a series of 4 photographs with a maximum of 5 sets per participant. (Each series must have 4 pictures compulsorily).

The registration and participation schedule is as follows:

April 26 – Registration opening of the first and second meetings via web form

May 8 – the deadline for registration. For the selection of participants date of repection and photo content on their Instagram account will be valued.

May 12 – 1st and 2nd meeting in Mercabarna for pictures

May 12 to May 22 – Period for uploading on Instagram work performed in the 1st and 2nd meeting.

June 15 – 3rd and 4th meeting in Mercabarna for pictures

June 15 to June 19 – Period for Uploading on Instagram the work done in the 3rd and 4th meeting.

1 to 10 of July – Communication finalist in social networks.

July 15 – Communication winners and awards ceremony.



The presentation of the series will be done through the own instagram account of the participants.

Participants must upload the photo / s to Instagram and tag series as follows:

# Serie1tittle of serie1

# Serie1tittle of serie2

# Serie1tittle of Serie3

# Serie1tittle of serie4

The maximum number of series to present will be 5, with 4 images per set.


Hashtags that must accompany all images are as follows:











Participation in the award Mercabarna Enfoca Instagram requires the acceptance of the rules that govern and are exposed publicly in this call. For any questions or clarifications about them, contact the organization via email

Photographer guarantees that owns the rights to the material presented to the call and is fully responsible for claims that at any time could be made on the authorship and originality of the work and the ownership rights over them. He / she is also responsible for permits image rights of the people portrayed.
Mercabarna Enfoca keeps the right to reject applications that do not meet the requirements and conditions specified in this call.

Mercabarna Enfoca keeps the right to reject applications that do not meet the requirements and conditions specified in this call.

By entering the contest you agree that Mercabarna Enfoca shares your photos on social media contest.

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