Mercabarna, the city that feeds you

Mercabarna is a ‘food town’ with a busy activity 24 hours a day with a very clear objective: to ensure the supply of fresh food to the citizens of Catalonia.

With 90 hectares, it concentrates the wholesale markets of Barcelona (fruits and vegetables, seafood and flowers and plants), the slaughterhouse and 700 companies specializing in distribution, import, export and processing of fresh products. This makes Mercabarna a dynamic city on the move, where business opportunities and innovation drive its growth through national and international projection.

Mercabarna in figures

• 90 hectares

• 700 companies located in the enclosure

• 2 million tons of products sold every year

• 10 million consumers are provided by Mercabarna

• 7,500 people working on site

• 23,000 people daily access

In this special city we cannot forget its inhabitants: the 23,000 people who pass daily through this site. Their effort and enthusiasm make it possible for fresh products reaching everywhere, both in Catalonia and beyond our borders.

In addition to its economic potential, Mercabarna remains close to the needs of citizens and the social reality around it. A good example are the various initiatives that are promoted to fight food waste, promote employment and healthy eating habits and sustainability.

– More information on the website of Mercabarna

A special ‘city’ which opens its doors to professional photographers and instagramers to provide a point of deep and unique view on ‘the city that feeds us. “

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